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AHE Elgin Park 150x150 Home PageNew Ventures has developed Nonprofits Online to provide information and resources to agencies that provide community services. Anne Hays Egan, the Principal of New Ventures, provides consulting, training, research and publications to the nonprofit and governmental sectors.  She is based near Santa Fe, NM, and brings over 30 years of experience in community service and health systems planning, evaluation and network development. She is the publisher of the first national newsletter for nonprofits, The Digest of Nonprofit Management, which merged with Taft Group publications in 1990. Anne is widely published in the field.

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New Ventures specializes in community and health systems planning, evaluation and service network development. Anne is passionate about building healthy and sustainable communities, and the nonprofits, foundations and governments that lead them and provide and fund many of the services. These groups are the community’s gatekeepers, and often the keys for community sustainability. Anne’s work helps these organizations to strengthen current capacity and become sustainable for the future. New Ventures provides community health solutions for sustainability.

Anne’s consulting, training and public speaking has been praised by national and local groups. She has a large body of published work. A summary of her successful projects, list of clients and publications is provided in the Capabilities section of the site. Anne also partners with other expert level consultants and firms through the Community Health Consulting Group, to provide significant capacity for large and complex projects.

Nonprofits Online Website

This website provides information, resources and a wide range of Anne’s articles to provide tools for nonprofit organizations and government entities.  The site also provides information about Anne’s consulting and training to the nonprofit and governmental sectors. Check out her projects, work with clients, and her new resources for community planning to build older adult services, including a new simulation game to power community planning for older adult resources, available in the fall of 2014.

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Here are some of the popular Nonprofits Online topics:

      • Responding to Budget Cuts
      • Resources for Medicaid Expansion
      • Building Community Services
      • Sustainability

The website provides resources to build organizations, called Organizational Building Blocks, and resources for Community Building. We also have copies of newsletters, information on Sustainability and the New Ventures Sustainability Assessment Tool.

Coming – Fall 2014 – – Silver Wave Community Planning Simulation Game

Anne Hays Egan
New Ventures Consulting
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<h1>nonprofits online: information, tools and resources to build nonprofits<h1> <h2>nonprofits online: information, tools and resources to build nonprofits<h2> <h3>nonprofits online: information, tools and resources to build nonprofits<h3>

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